Combat Kids Social Distancing Solutions for Schools

MAD Creative developed a fun interactive campaign for primary schools to educate children on the importance of maintaining social distancing and regularly washing hands to combat the spread of the Covid-19 in schools.

The idea of ‘Combat Kids’ is to engage children and reinforce these new behaviours to primary level pupils.  It personifies the messaging into a character driven story that is both relatable to the situation and memorable enough for kids to retain and act on i.e. a modern ‘Tufty Club’ approach to tackle the issue of distancing and hygiene.

MAD Creative sought to work alongside the Department of Education and the Education Authority to develop and tailor this campaign to provide schools with the resources and materials to deliver these key messages to pupils.  The campaign is designed to be flexible and adapt the messaging as the situation develops and the regulations change as we move towards a new normal.

Our Combat Kids social distancing & hygiene solutions got a lot of attention since they were featured on BBC Newsline and UTV News with the Education Minister Peter Weir.  As a result we have been working with schools and educational suppliers across the island of Ireland to ensure ‘The Power is in their Hands!’