Stop Customers in Their Tracks with Enhanced Print

After the recent investment in a Xerox Iridesse digital press by Minprint, MAD Creative developed an enhanced print sample pack to promote the business by showing the world what was possible with impactful design and next level digital print.

The sample pack is a square A4 folder containing 13 x digitally printed sample cards.  Using various special finishes, papers and inks including gold & silver, raised inks, white ink, clear ink with foil, silver ink underlay, soft touch & gloss laminates these samples illustrate the myriad of printing options available.

Some things you need to experience for yourself to truly appreciate them.  The strategy was simply to get these sample packs into the hands of new and existing customers allowing them to see, touch, feel the jaw dropping effects and killer designs from Minprint and MAD Creative. 

The impact of print continues to grow as we become more and more attached to screens and digital devices. Physical interaction with enhanced print becomes the standout option for marketers to surprise and stop customers in their tracks long enough to get the message across.  The Minprint / MAD sample pack aims to demonstrate just that to our customers!

Enhanced digital print is available in small runs with quick turnaround making it a viable option for more projects than ever before!  To get your hands on a pack simply fill in the contact form or give us a call.