The Process of Creativity

At MAD Creative we love having input throughout the whole process from initial brief to final outcome. Whatever the project and whoever the client, we believe that if we are able to follow our creative process, we will ensure we get the best possible results.  Here is a quick insight into what we do and how we work with our client.

The first thing we do when taking on a project is research the client and their product and services.  The more we know about them and what they are trying to achieve the better we can understand, their size, customers, target market, and future direction.  This ground work allows us to be a lot more insightful about their business and as the relationships develops the aim is that this understanding grows to the point where we become an extension of their team.

The next stage is a face to face meeting where we sit down with the client and take a brief, ask questions and get under the skin of what our clients are hoping to achieve, the message they want to portray and the demographic they want to target.  The MAD team will feed into this and offer guidance and support where appropriate.  If further research is required to fully explore the topic over and above what is offered by the client, we will organise and put the plans in place for surveys, focus groups or questionnaires.

MAD will review guidelines and previous work to make sure we understand the look and feel of the brand as this is vital to any output because we never want to dilute the brand or give mixed messaging.  We will give our honest feedback on both positive and negative, look for any potential landmines we foresee and qualify any remaining queries we have on the brief. By the end of this stage it is important that we are on the same page as the client.

Our team will have a brainstorming session to gather initial thoughts before developing first concepts; we will always reference back to the brief and the existing brand to make sure we are meeting the criteria on both.  The initial concepts will be shared with client for their thoughts, usually asking the client to select their preference and then working with them to develop the concept until we are at a point where we are both happy with the outcome. 

This concept produced must be flexible across all the platforms it will be used in whether it be print, digital, a stand or video. We will always ensure all materials look and feel the same and work as a family making sure wherever this will be viewed that the messaging works correctly to this format and is clear with strong brand presence.We enjoy collaborating with the client and their team making sure we are in contact with them as frequently as required to keep them fully informed and up to date.  The more we work with our client the stronger our relationship becomes and the better results we can achieve.