What is Digital Signage?

It can mean different things to different people. Some say it’s a type of screen, a media player or a type of software, or some say it’s all of them. What we offer you is all three. Whether it’s an outdoor touchscreen, restaurant menu boards, or a point of sale display we’ll have you covered.

How do you use Digital Signage?

We have two way to use our Digital Signage displays:

  1. USB Plug-and-Play
    Providing a standalone solution, upload images and videos to a USB stick and then transfer it to your display, and then the display will play it in a loop once the USB is removed.
  2. Network CMS (Content Management System)
    This method allows you to remotely control the content of the displays, monitor the status of your displays and programme when certain content is displayed or not, via an online portal.

What are the benefits of Digital Signage?

There are many advantages of using Digital Signage; whether replacing traditional signage or introducing signage into a space where there was previously none. Some of these benefits include;

  • Display a selection of videos and images to help to deliver your message.
  • Display websites/RSS feeds with live information to keep customers informed.
  • Unlimited updates and eliminating costly printing charges.
  • Increase profits by focussed advertising for certain products/services/promotions.
  • Meet customers’ expectations with modern Digital Signage displays.
  • Bring interactivity to projects or campaigns by using Touch Screens.

Where can I use Digital Signage?

The home of Digital Signage is where your target audience are; e.g. public spaces. Whatever the location of your location, we have a large array of solutions. Our Ultra High Brightness Display is perfect for your shop window to attract passing trade as its powerful display can counteract the natural sunlight as well as the heat it brings. We match the right type of Digital Signage to your desired location.

Who uses Digital Signage?

Digital Signage has a natural fit with advertising, so it is no surprise that retail is a major sector where it’s used but as Digital Signage is so versatile it can be used in a whole range of industries. The Quick Service Restaurant sector has seen a huge up take in the use of Digital Display Boards with the ability to amend menus and display offers without the hassle of changing the boards. Digital Signage is perfect for the fast-paced world of the Estate Agent with new houses going on the market and others going sale agreed. We’ve installed a pair of ultra-high brightness displays in one of Reeds Rains stores. From healthcare, hospitality, corporate and education – all these very different sectors use Digital Signage. We also utilise the power of Digital Displays within Exhibition stands to help our clients stand out from a crowded space drawing in and engaging with potential customers.

This is the new way to communicate information and getting your message to your customers. The technology of Digital Signage is now more accessible to SMEs than ever before. Communication is at the centre of Digital Signage. It is vital to be able to communicate your message and ideas in the digital age. In a world dominated with screens, our Digital Signage solutions allow you to express your message your way.

Interested in finding out how you can use Digital Signage?

Take a look at this catalogue link.

Get in touch and we’ll arrange a meeting to discuss what solution will fit your Digital Signage needs.

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